Brockville Flying Club

2020 Annual Fly-In Breakfast: Notice of Cancellation

For as long as any pilot in Brockville can remember, the Brockville Flying Club has proudly opened our hangar doors to the public once per year for our Annual Fly-In Breakfast. Typically held on Grandparents’ Day, the event promises a morning of fun, flying, food - and airplanes!

While the annual breakfast is our most celebrated tradition, the most important principle in aviation is safety. In today's context, we must think about safety in new ways, even when it means breaking with tradition.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brockville Flying Club will not hold our Annual Fly-In Breakfast in 2020. This decision, while difficult, was made with the best interests of our entire community at heart.

A well attended Fly-In Breakfast would see hundreds of visitors arrive at the Brockville Airport to eat, get a close-up look at the aircraft, or go for a helicopter ride. With so many people in one place, there are simply too many opportunities for close contact, and for the virus to spread by other means. We believe that visiting aviators, our dedicated volunteers, and members of the public will be safer at home this year than they would be at the airfield.

Although we cannot meet in person, we will continue to share digital updates. To follow Club activities, like our Facebook page at or visit us online at - we look forward to hearing from you!

Most of all, we look forward to hosting a great Fly-In Breakfast in 2021. While that may seem far away, we are hoping the time will 'fly' by.

Thank you to our public health officials, first responders, and all essential workers for keeping our country moving under these unusual circumstances. We can't wait to see all of you on Grandparents’ Day in 2021. Until then, stay safe!

- The Brockville Flying Club Board

Please contact for more information.