Brockville Flying Club


The Brockville Flying Club is a private flying club, sanctioned by Corporations Canada, a subsection of Industry Canada. Originally, corporation status was granted by a legal government document called a Letters Patent, November 9, 1960. A legal corporation of this nature can own resources, obtain a mortgage, purchase and sell property, etc.  In 2016, under Corporations Canada direction, the Letters Patent was replaced by the new Not For Profit Corporations Act.

The Flying Club is administered by a Board of Directors. The Board is dissolved each year, with a mandatory All Members Meeting to vote for new Board.  The Board usually meets once a month to attend to administrative issues such as paying bills, discuss issues concerning the well being of the club, and staying current with pressures and changes evolving in general aviation.

The Board administers all affairs on behalf of the club including aircraft insurance, hydro bills, property taxes, rental of property from City of Brockville, payment of aircraft fuel, aircraft servicing, etc.


President: Peter Edwards
Vice President & Acting Treasurer: Mike Bowen

Aircraft: Rob Barbe

Facilities: Paul Nitschmann

Communications: Cameron Wales
Directors: Matt MacDonald, George Szukala

Special Advisor: Klaus Bellroth


All club memberships dissolve June 1st each year. New membership fees must be paid by each member to remain in Good Standing with the Club. This is particularly important for flying members because, without the payment of membership fees, flying members will not be covered by the Club’s insurance, so the club plane and the pilot would have not insurance coverage if there were an incident. Renewal and new applications must be approved by the Board and be accepted, before pilots fly the club plane.

All members must complete and submit a Membership Application Form annually. Flying members must also complete and submit the Aircraft Insurance Application Form, each year. Forms must be accompanied by the appropriate membership fee. All applications go to the Board of Directors, for approval or rejection of the application. If the application is rejected, the membership fee is returned to the applicant.

The blank applications are available at the club house or online here.  Clicking on the above buttons opens a new window with the downloaded form.

Our social members enjoy the comraderie of all members, and access to all club facilities other than the club aircraft. Because plane insurance is not an issue for the social members, their membership fees are less than that of flying members (those who wish to fly the club aircraft).

The Brockville Flying Club prides itself in supporting aviation and other activities within the local community. The club is actively involved in several charities including: Financial support for the 870 Vampire Squadron of the Air Cadets, Bursaries for aviation interested students at local high schools, Donation flights to the Cancer Society and for the local high school science fair for the student with the best Aviation focused entry.

The Brockville Flying Club is home to Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) Flight 111. The local Flight has its own Captain and Board. Meetings are usually held monthly, following the Brockville Flying Club Board of Directors meeting, at the Brockville Flying Club clubhouse facility.  Meeting, usually begins around 20:00 hrs.