Brockville Flying Club


 The Brockville Flying Club will host its Annual Fly-In Breakfast at the Brockville – 1000 Islands Regional Tackberry Airport, on Airport Road, near Tincap on Sunday, September 8, 2019.  This event usually enjoys a  number of visiting aircraft from the local area.  Our guests are never disappointed with the great breakfast.  There will be "3rd party" helecopter rides available and the free "buggy ride" tour, to take guest around the hangars, and up close to some of the aircraft.  A definite fun and enjoyable day!!   Take a peek at our photo gallery on this website.  If you were present at the airfield on Sept 9, 2018, you may have been captured in our candid photos.              613-342-4100

On the 3rd Sunday of every month, some of the club members provide a breakfast, open to the aviation public. As knowledge of this regular event has spread, pilots from other aerodromes fly their aircraft in, and support the effort. Many enlightening stories are told, most of them are actually true!   It provides an opportunity to mingle with members of the aviation world. Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 10:00.


On Friday, June 2, 1017, Brockville's COPA Flight 111, welcomed many aircraft, pilots and passengers into Brockville Airport.  The group was arranged from another COPA flight, but grouped in Brockville for an overnight stay.  A group left pinehurst on that morning, some flying to Morrisburg, others to Peterborough, before arriving in Brockville.  Brockville Flying Club and COPA Flight 111 members were on hand to assist in parking and tie downs, refuelling, transporting luggage and personnel to the clubhouse, and providing refreshments.  Our page, COPA Flight, has some photos that were taken on that day.